1LB Nickel Silver Brass Powder Ultra Fine -325 Mesh ASTM B122

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1LB Nickel Silver Brass Powder 

  Ultra Fine -325 Mesh   ASTM B122

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An air atomized pre-alloy nickel/brass product with a silver appearance. Nickel/Silver powder is mainly used in press and sinter parts for the aerospace industry as well as decorative press and sinter pieces such as medallions, knife bodies and belt buckles.

Nickel Silvers

Actually nickel brasses, these alloys contain varying amounts of copper, zinc, and nickel. They have a color ranging from ivory white in the lower nickel alloys to silver white in the higher nickel alloys. Their pleasing silver color, coupled with excellent corrosion resistance and cold formability, makes them ideally suited as a base for silver-plated flatware and hollow-ware, and structural and decorative parts in optical goods, cameras, and costume jewelry. The low-copper 18% nickel alloy is used for springs and other applications where high fatigue strength is desired.

Nickel Silver applications:

  • Aerospace Parts

  • Decorative Pieces

  • Cold Casting

  • Additive Manufacturing


    Nickel silver, Mailechort, German silver, Argentan, new silver, nickel brass, albata, alpacca, or electrum is a copper alloy with nickel and often zinc. The usual formulation is 60% copper, 20% nickel and 20% zinc. Nickel silver is named for its silvery appearance, but it contains no elemental silver unless plated. The name "German silver" refers to its development by 19th-century German metalworkers in imitation of the Chinese alloy known as paktong (cupronickel). All modern, commercially important nickel silvers (such as those standardized under ASTM B122) contain significant amounts of zinc, and are sometimes considered a subset of brass.

  • Alloys of copper, nickel, and zinc are called nickel silvers. Typical alloys contain 65% copper, 10 to 18% nickel, and the remainder zinc. Nickel is added to the Cu-Zn alloys primarily because of its influence on the color of the resulting alloys; color ranges from yellowish-white, to white with a yellowish tinge, to white. Because of their tarnish resistance, these alloys are used for table flatware, zippers, camera parts, costume jewelry, nameplates, and some electrical switch gear.

    Copper forms a continuous series of alloys with nickel in all concentrations. The constitution diagram is a simple all alpha-phase system.

    Nickel slightly hardens copper, increasing its strength without reducing its ductility. Copper with 10% nickel makes an alloy with a pink cast. More nickel makes the alloy appear white.

Material is highest concentration of Copper and Nickel in the brass blending.

No other sellers provide this high quality mix.....  Our material yields a rich shade and color, perfect for cold casting and cold spraying.

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